Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Sweet, yummy, tasty, creamy, milky are just but a few words to describe a bite of chocolate. The pleasure that comes with it keeps someone yearning for more. Chocolates are of different types: milky chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate among others. But I wonder…how many eat chocolate for its health benefit rather than just its sweetness? The answer would surprise you. Very few know that it has a big positive effect in a human body. Let this article enlighten you on how much a daily piece of chocolate can change your life for the better.

Some of the health benefits of eating chocolate include:

Sharper mind and higher intelligence:

Eating chocolate has been highly associated with superior spatial memory, tracking and scanning ability of the working memory abstract reasoning and mini-mental state examination. This is due to a nutrient found in cocoa called cocoa flavanol which boosts blood flow in the blood hence reducing some age-related cognitive dysfunction. This leads to people performing better cognitively.

Helps in controlling weight:

Checking your weight is one of the most stressed things that any doctor or physician never forgets to emphasize. Once one consumes a bar of chocolate, it offers more of a feeling of satiety, especially the dark chocolate. Due to this, dark chocolate has a tendency of reducing cravings for quick weight gaining things like sweets, salt, and fatty food. This, in the long run, makes one eat fewer portions which are recommended for optimal growth and general weight loss and weight control.

Chocolate relieves stress:

Life is without stress. Situations around us work us up and increase our stress level. Well, nothing works magic than a bit of chocolate. Dark chocolate is significantly responsible for reducing stress level hormone and reducing the metabolic effect associated with stress. When you face a situation that is working out, your anxiety, take chocolate and it will suppress the production of these stress hormones from your adrenal gland.

Makes one live longer:

Everyone wants to live longer, and chocolate can help add up to your life length. Chocolate consists an antioxidant called polyphenols which prevent oxidation of harmful cholesterol hence lowering cardiovascular disease. These antioxidants play a very important role in preventing cancer too.

It’s a beauty secret:

Most beauty products are involving chocolate in their ingredients. This is because chocolate’s high flavanol increases blood flow in the body and moisture content in the skin hence keeping a body healthier and beautifully better. It also acts as a sunscreen for protecting the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays.

Chocolates are a remedy for coughs:

Most cough medication has been known to cause drowsiness among other side effects. Chocolate has proven to work better and is now being used to develop cough syrups with fewer side effects. This is because chocolate has an effect on vagus nerve which links the brain to the stomach and other important organs.

It leads to low blood pressure:

Eating chocolate helps improve blood vessel health hence regulating the blood sugar. This happens because chocolate improves blood flow by relaxing the blood arteries hence restoring their flexibility as well as preventing blood cells from sticking to the walls of the blood vessel. This helps lower the blood pressure and arterial stiffness.

It is mineral rich:

Chocolates are rich in minerals like potassium, zinc, and selenium. These minerals are very important to the general health of a human body. Taking a 100g bar of dark chocolate provides 67% of recommended daily allowance of iron.

It prevents diarrhea:

Chocolate helps a big deal in treating loose bowel. This is because it is highly concentrated with flavanols which inhibits proteins in the small intestines that cause excess fluid production in cases of diarrhea. Flavonoids are also being used in creating natural supplements to ease diarrhea symptoms.

Chocolate boosts your vision:

Carrots have been known to be the only vision booster but here comes chocolate! Dark chocolate improves the ability to see in low-contrast situations as well as in motion sensitivity. Flavanoid in the chocolate increases blood flow to the retina and protects the blood vessel of the eyes making the cornea and the lens strong.

Now with all those benefits you surely will want to make a point of enjoying chocolate daily and reap the benefits that come with it.


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