Why chocolate milk after a workout

Are you training hard every day and feeling exhausted at the end of the day? Well, you should try taking chocolate milk at the end of your excising. Chocolate has been found by researchers to work very well in restoring lost energy reserves in athletes. If you are not doing any strenuous exercises that take a toll on your energy reserves you may not need to take chocolate milk. That is because it’s actually packed with more energy than your common sugary drinks. It may cause you to gain weight if you are not exercising enough.

What Happens when you do Strenuous Exercise
Our bodies are normally relying on fat deposits to power our daily activities when blood sugar runs low. That is why you are advised to wear less clothing to help you burn fats. Generally you body will burn body fat deposits as soon as blood sugar levels start to fall during ordinary physical activities such as walking or jogging.
When you are however doing intense activities such as running 100 meters, or doing heavy lifting for long hours, you need more energy. Your body cannot not just burn enough fats at a rate that is fast enough to supply the energy you need. What happens next is that your body releases adrenaline to stimulate the release of glycogen so that it can be used to supply instant energy.
That means at the end of the day or such workout, you will just feel what professional athletes like to call “hitting the wall.” That means you have literally used all your useful emergency energy reserves. When that happens, your body is in a dangerous state. You cannot respond to emergencies very well. What you need is for you to get a quick recharge of your energy reserves. That is where chocolate comes in with its rich supply of ready to digest carbs, proteins, and sugars. It all has potassium and a small amount of sodium.
The extra carbohydrates which are double the protein content in chocolate milk help to give your body a quick restoration of the energy it has lost. The potassium and sodium salts will then use the water in the chocolate to help restore you electrolyte balance that you have lost due to sweating as you were running or working out without re-hydrating properly. You have to remember that you cannot just drink water to re-hydrate properly. When you sweat, you lose some essential body salts used to create the right electrolytic environment for your body. You need to restore that special electrolyte balance as well.
The protein will also be used to help in restoring some of the damage done to your muscles cells. You however need to eat more protein to ensure that the damage done is fully repaired and that you even build more muscles for greater strength. Muscles store your energy reserves; you, therefore, need more of them to be able to store more energy.
Chocolate Milk Benefits that have scientific backing
• Research shows that chocolate milk helps athletes to recover as better as sugary drinks after a strenuous exercise. Its performance can be equated to Gatorade.
• The carbohydrate to protein ration of chocolate milk is close to 4:1 which is considered optimal for muscle recovery and rebuilding. You have to remember even the muscle rebuilding itself requires lots of energy as well.
• It is very affordable compared to what other energy drinks recommended for recovery cost you. It cost about a third what other drinks cost you. You also can make it at home.
• It includes electrolyte ions such as potassium, Sodium, and calcium. It also includes nutrients such as Vitamin D. Not forgetting that it tastes great too. That means you can give it to young people who are exercising as well and they will enjoy it, without any expense to their health.
• Since you can add milk to your chocolate, you also stand to gain the additional benefits that milk will bring into your diet. These include strong healthy bones, which should happen because you are exercising your bones as you workout.

That is it. You have now more reasons that have scientific backing to enjoy your favorite drink after working out.

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